Game of Thrones S04

It’s time for a trial by combat. Grab your popcorn! On second thought, watch it on an empty stomach.

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Interesting use of a long shot for the opening scene, bringing us inside the brothel where Gilly lives with her stupid crying baby. The use of the long shot alone infused the scene with a strange sense of impending doom, even as we understand that this is just about boring Gilly. It’s the first time I’ve explicitly noticed the camera direction in Game of Thrones, and it was pretty clever.

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I now regret asking to see more of Gray Worm. What’s the point of a romantic subplot between those two? It just serves to remind us how detached and distant Daenerys is from all the excitement in Westeros. Do you think Cersei has time for a romantic subplot?

[do action=”moment” emo=”HolyShit” title=”Sansa learns to lie like a queen.”/]

Want to hear my theory about the ending of Game of Thrones? (I’m speculating way beyond the books here, so this ain’t no spoiler, just fan speculation.) I think Petyr Baelish will end on the throne, with Sansa legitimizing his rule of the North. If I’m right, this is a major turning point for Sansa, who chooses to protect Petyr by lying in a very calculated and clever way. The way she used her true identity as a greater truth in which to hide a lie was amazing.

[do action=”moment” emo=”Exciting” title=”Varys’s web reaches all the way across the Narrow Sea.”/]

Ser Jorah gets cast out of Daenerys’s presence thanks to the machinations of, I’m guessing, Tywin Lannister himself against Lord Varys. This doesn’t help my impression that the entire Daenerys subplot is a silly waste of time: she’s busy trying to rule some inconsequential slaver bay, while the great minds of King’s Landing effortlessly undermine her efforts.

[do action=”moment” emo=”Creepy” title=”Arya, upon hearing of Lysa’s demise, loses her shit.”/]

Goddamn, I love Arya Stark more and more week after week. The way she just lost it and burst out laughing when she heard Lysa has passed away was both creepy and magnificent. It was also a troubling echo of the moment she arrived at the Twins to discover her brother and mother had been murdered.

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I’m not sure where he was going with this, but the whole thing was oddly poignant, and superbly delivered by Peter Dinklage. You can feel Tyrion nearly giving up on life with this weird rambling about his childhood. Was he talking about the Mountain? About his father? About life?

[do action=”moment” emo=”Quotable” title=”‘You’re going to fight THAT?’ ‘I’m going to KILL that.'”/]

Ah, Oberyn, you magnificent bastard. You go and slay that mountain so our favorite Lannister can surviv–

[do action=”moment” emo=”HolyShit” title=”FUCK!!!!!”/]

What, did you forget that the world of Westeros was filled with these sorts of shocking, bloody twists? I read the books and was heartbroken when Oberyn died, so I’m not surprised that half of the Internet is in mourning this week. The scene was set up so perfectly, too: Oberyn’s confidence had all the telltale signs of the script telegraphing that he was going to live (example: Oberyn saying “I’m not going to die today”), and the way the fight progressed gave no clue of the shocking reversal that was coming. And what a bloody, messy death Oberyn got! This is the kind of image that will haunt me, even though I knew it was coming.

Game of Thrones S04E08: “The Mountain and the Viper”

Much like "The Rains of Castamere," this episode will live in television infamy for its unexpected and gruesome gut punch, which also serves as a nerve-wracking cliffhanger for Tyrion's fate. No show on TV comes close to the masterful execution of sickening shocks that Game of Thrones delivers on a regular basis.


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