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I believe in miracles: the season finale doesn’t suck too bad.

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Now that we’ve reached the end of the season, it’s time to admit that season 9 has been the worst in the entire Supernatural run. It’s no small feat considering we’ve already been subjected to Soulless Sam as well as the Leviathans.

It’s hard to care about this show when it’s obvious the writers have given up. Even Padalecki and Ackles looked tired and bored for most of the season, and Metatron, with his self-absorbed nerdy behavior and nonsensical plans, was the worst possible villain to ever grace this show. It’s a pity considering how strong the season started, when Sam had to be possessed by an angel to survive last season’s events.

Does the season finale redeem the whole thing? There’s no denying it ends with a bang, but alas, it’s not enough. The characters have lived through so many things that there’s no reason to believe this new twist will be a game changer. We can already see the pattern of future episodes, with bland filler action followed by ten minutes of foreshadowing for the mid-season finale.

And so, I’m bowing out of this show. Part of me today regrets ever continuing to watch past Swan Song at the end of season five. There is no redemption ahead, especially considering that the show is well on its way to an eleventh and possibly twelfth seasons. This has been my favorite show for a while, but it’s time to move on.

Carry on, my wayward sons.

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You know things are about to get epic when Carry On My Wayward Son plays over the opening montage. It’s almost enough to make me forget how craptacular this season has been. Carry on!

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I mean… really? I remember when “Angel Radio” was a funny named applied to an alien concept of angels and Heaven. If anything, this entire story with Metatron is turning angels into major wimps. It doesn’t help that Metratron, the major bad guy this season and the current Godhead, is one of the most pathetic villains this series has conceived. And now that his plan is coming into focus, we realize there’s just… nothing there. No reason for him to cast out the angels, no clear idea of what he’s gonna do besides winning whatever bizarre conflict he’s propped up for himself.

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So, Dean has been struggling with the overarching plots in Game of Thrones… Tee hee.

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As hilarious as that reference was, I gotta wonder what the hell Castiel was thinking. How are handcuffs supposed to detain an angel like Castiel? Him and Gadreel looked so suspect walking into Heaven, it’s no wonder they got caught. Ah, but the prison effect was pretty cool, though.

[do action=”moment” emo=”Frustrating” title=”Metatron’s plan is to reboot Jesus.”/]

I… Why?! That’s Metatron’s big plan for Heaven? The reason he cast angels out? It makes no sense. Even in the context of writing a powerful story (whatever that means) it’s still impossibly silly. He’s a bad guy without the presence, the wits, nor the evil plan.

[do action=”moment” emo=”Puzzling” title=”Gadreel blows himself up.”/]

I still don’t understand why Gadreel would do this, and what it accomplished besides ridding us of the only cool character this season has produced. It’s like the writers didn’t know what to do with him anymore, so they just got him to off himself in a spectacular fashion.

[do action=”moment” emo=”Shocking” title=”Metatron kills Dean.”/]

WOAH! I didn’t see that one coming. I was sure Metatron was about to get up close and personal with the First Blade. Well played. Totally surprised me, but then it took me all but ten seconds to realize that this being Supernatural, death is anything but final, especially when you’re a Winchester.

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Pretty cool final scene. Hello, Demon Dean! Nice cliffhanger for next season. It’s still not enough to convince me to go on, mind you… I can already picture all these filler episodes where Dean’s eyes flash black in the last twenty seconds to remind us that something big will happen after all this boring filler action gets us lurching to the season’s halfway point.

Supernatural S09E23: “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

After a messy and unfulfilling season, the show manages to land a major punch to wrap things up. None of the main plot threads conclude in a satisfactory manner, but there's no denying this twist is a decent one.


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