Supernatural S09
Supernatural S09E22: “Stairway to Heaven”

A somewhat disjointed but overall coherent episode that sets up some interesting questions for the finale. This show is still a shadow of its former self, due to rehashed themes and a villain, Metatron, that would hardly make a convincing shoe salesman. There's no sense of menace and grandeur anymore.


The War for Heaven just got its own al-Qaeda.

[do action=”play-by-play-spoilers”/] [do action=”moment” emo=”Creative” title=”That kid angel is working on her diabetes.”/] Seeing that angel kid made me realize we’ve never seen angels possessing infants yet. It would be a natural choice… It makes them really hard to kill in cold blood, and I’m willing to bet the children would make willing vessels. Remember when Lilith possessed a little girl? The creepiness potential is high. [do action=”moment” emo=”Annoying” title=”No, Metatron, you’re not lovable.”/] I can’t stand Metatron on my screen. I’ve said it before, but he just doesn’t work. He’s not creepy (except in a creepy uncle kind of way), he’s not clever, and the actor playing him is unconvincing. Remember the Leviathans? That storyline was meh, but at least they had Dick Roman to inject a dose of star presence in the story. Metatron as a bad guy is an utter failure. [do action=”moment” emo=”DejaVu” title=”The First Blade is just demon blood addiction in reverse.”/] I’ll be honest here, I’m thinking of dropping this show after the season finale. Part of it is the bad writing, but beyond that, there’s just a sense that any interesting story has been told with these characters. Nine seasons in, and we’re still dealing with the tense sibling rivalry. The First Blade storyline is just Sam’s demon blood addiction in reverse, and it’s going through the exact same beats. [do action=”moment” emo=”Creative” title=”Heaven is now cribbing from al-Qaeda.”/] Suicide-bombing angels! OK, that’s interesting. What sucks, though, is the silly notion that someone can trick angels into believing Castiel is behind it all. It’s just not believable, and it leaves the suicide bombings with no purpose besides hoodwinking a bunch of naive idiots. [do action=”moment” emo=”Funny” title=”Metatron steals his ideas from Indiana Jones.”/] The Last Crusade sequence made me chuckle. I like how they didn’t just hammer the point home that Metatron is a hopeless geek. And I also dig that Castiel recognized the reference. [do action=”moment” emo=”Frustrating” title=”Will you STOP asking Castiel to prove himself by killing people?!”/] I’m surprised this didn’t go like every other time an angel pulled that move on Castiel; that is to say, with a room full of angel corpses. [do action=”moment” emo=”Campy” title=”‘He’s in love. With humanity.'”/] That line… That line was put right in the show to make the “Destiel shippers” (i.e. Supernatural fans who write fan fiction about Dean and Castiel having hot, loving sex together) squeal and cream their pants. Nicely done, writers. [do action=”moment” emo=”Predictable” title=”Dean loses his shit.”/] Gasp! I didn’t see that one coming! Alright, lesse what the season finale has in store for us next week. We’ve made it this far…

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