24: Live Another Day

Unmanned wars are bad, you know.

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24 has always been a case of weak storylines fraternizing with incredible ones. The whole deal with the President is quickly fitting the “weak” mold, while I’m still not sure where the good stuff will hit me from. The only thing I’ve always liked is how everyone looks suspicious for no other reason then to surprise you down the line.

Anyway, I’ve decided that this show was awesome long ago, so it will be hard for me to change opinion on the subject.

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The episode starts with our favorite heroes on the run. Chloe runs the operations from the phone, while Jack hits the streets with a worried look. I could watch this dynamic unfold for hours. Especially when Bauer starts randomly hitting civilians in the face in order to catch the mysterious redhead.

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Is Kate Morgan Bauer’s illegitimate daughter? She sure looks like she’s shopping a spin-off around. When she finds out that her investigation isn’t leading anywhere, she starts resorting to old school 24 tactics like capturing a hostage without a warrant. Daddy taught her well.

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The show has a distinct look and isn’t shy about hammering you over the head with it. It seems that there are always a thousand cameras pointing straight at Bauer to gratify us with useless camera angles when nothing is going on, and giving us motion sickness in the process.



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Since Jack Bauer doesn’t have too many family members to torture, Chloe has no choice but to deal with the drama this time around. There she is, getting distracted by memories of her dead kid. If this means we’ll get more of her great pout face, I’m all for it.

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Isn’t it hilarious when you think about it that David Palmer was the only credible President the show has ever had? This storyline takes the cake, though: a President stricken with Alzheimer’s who doesn’t love his country enough to resign. Instead, he tries to convince England to join him in his nation’s quest to wage war on terrorists with unreliable weaponry, while people around him argue on the moral implications of his serious condition.

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Jack Bauer tries to pass security with a fake ID. Pretty standard trick. Thing is, the name reads “Ron Fairbanks.” Did he really think he would get away with this? He now has no choice but to resort to shooting civilians in the legs to get out of a heated chase. Never trust the Fake Name Generator.

24: Live Another Day – 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

The momentum keeps building, with many storylines already interlocking. You can almost feel the clock ticking towards a major, traumatizing event. Let's just hope it doesn't involve Chloe.


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