Aims for the zeitgeist so bad, it’s outdated the moment you watch it.

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Well, that’s a pleasant surprise. The creators decided to change the self-important intro where obnoxious music blasts over landmark US events. It was such an integral part of the hatewatching experience, I almost miss it.

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It  looks like they are trying to retroactively make the first season into a watchable show by quickly going over important events. Opposite Jeff Daniels is this show’s best bet at restoring some dignity in this show: Marcia Gay Harden.

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Olivia Munn breaks the fourth wall, gets back in full Attack of the Show mode and kids “I make geeks look good.” Yeah, you do, and we all know you made a small fortune out of it.

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I’ve been thinking about this since the first season: every scene in the situation room turns in a comedy fest for no apparent reason. It makes the writer’s room in 30 Rock feel serious by comparison.

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This is where the show goes totally batshit. Slumdog Geek figures out that the Occupy Wall Street domain has been bought by Adbusters and that an American version of the Arab Spring is coming. GOOD GAWD. And it gets worse: a full conversation takes place where the characters figure out that this campaign will be about getting money out of politics. I have to get new nails, I scratched them all off.

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Just to add to the shows self-importance, the date when these events take place appears at the lower end of the screen. It’s a trend the first season started, but its timing in this episode is horrendous.

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It must be very, very awkward for the leaders of the Occupy movement to already see their story get bastardized with cheap hindsight on its historical significance, and simplification of their goals. The crazy irony here is that the series is trying to show how the media wasn’t able to showcase all the intricacies of the Occupy movement, yet they imply that a journalist helped them “simplify their messages.”

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Last year’s suckfest of a romance gets broken up because a random rant by the girl was uploaded on Youtube, went viral, and the guy watched it. It happens to everyone at least once.

The Newsroom S02E01: “First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers”

Aaron Sorkin now has something he didn't have when he first wrote The West Wing: a reliable, giant-ass focus group called the Internet. He (or his producers, at least) should use it to call the shots on the show's editing, writing, tone, and even subject matter. It feels like all the characters are connected to a single, bored to death brain. After eleven episodes, it's safe to say it won't get any better.


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