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Glee S01E19: “Dream On”

Damn you, Joss Whedon, for showing me how fantastic Glee could be. The storylines were all heartfelt and genuine, and supported by musical numbers that highlighted the emotional turmoil taking place. This is Glee reaching its full potential.


In an unexpected plot twist, this episode of Glee is all kinds of amazing.

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Yay, it’s Neil Patrick Harris! It sounds like they’ve set him up with a fun character, too. The intro scene where we saw NPH’s character and Will in high school was pretty hilarious, and I loved his “dream killer” speech.

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The show has dealt with acceptance of Artie’s disability by others before, but this episode is addressing a much more intimate issue of Artie’s impossible dream to walk. Watching him fall on his face then shamefully ask Tina to walk away was truly heartbreaking.

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Will and Brian (Harris) sing a simple and real version of “Piano Man.” Of all the songs on Glee, this one felt the most realistic, without arrangements or clever harmonies. Just two guys in a bar singing their hearts out. I have to admit I find Neil Patrick Harris’s voice less than perfect, but in this scene it just added to the verisimilitude.

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Will and Brian face off singing “Dream On” and trying to upstage each other. There’s some nice camera shots here that highlight the sense of this scene as a duel; there’s even a bit of Sergio Leone thrown in for good measure. In my opinion, Will sang circles around Brian in this song, but no matter; the performance itself was pretty cool.

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Artie stands up and sings “Safety Dance.” This scene was great on so many levels. The flash mob setting made it fresh and exciting, Artie brought his own personality to the song, and the dance choreography was fun and original. And then boom, Artie is back in the chair and into reality. A fantastic number that was both fun and emotional, and it makes me wonder what kind of monster would cast such a good dancer to sit in a wheelchair for the show’s entire run.

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Alright, so I’ll say it. Rachel can sing. Her voice wasn’t audibly processed here, and she had a wonderful, passionate voice for “I Dreamed a Dream,” free of the usual gimmicky emotional rises. It’s a really heartbreaking song, and the context here–of mother and daughter singing together in their hearts but apart in reality–made it all the more touching. It even made me shed a tear. I hope you’re happy, Glee fans.

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