Breaking Bad S05
Breaking Bad S05E06: “Buyout”

A solid, tense episode, with impeccable dialogues and character interactions. The fallout from last week's train heist makes perfect sense, and it's great Walt react to the cracks appearing in his master plan.


Walt runs into staff retention issues.

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The opening scene is one of the most horrifying yet understated of the series so far. We’re shown Walt, Mike, and Jesse disassembling the dirt bike, putting it into a large container, then pouring acid on it to liquefy it. Pretty clever, until it’s implied the same fate awaits the dead kid.

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The scene is nice and tense as we wonder, along with Jesse, where Walt’s moral compass now points. In a twisted way, we’re happy that Todd is staying, because this kid has ‘wildcard’ written all over him. And about that ‘Rick Hitler’ quip by Jesse: it’s not hilariously funny, which is why it’s brilliant. It sounds like something Jesse would come up spontaneously, instead of a clever one-liner pitched around a writer’s meeting room.

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Mike sends a nice ‘Fuck you’ to Gomez the underwhelming cop.  It’s both clever, and a nice way of showing how Grumpy Mike is just fed up with all of it. It also makes him credible when he keeps telling Walt that he knows his business.

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Skyler is getting better at crying on command, but she’s nowhere near as good as Walt. Not a great moment as it’s more of Marie pestering Skyler for revelations; but Skyler’s reaction to the mention of Todd was priceless.

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Walt managed to both make perfect sense and sound completely insane with his story of selling his shares early. The tumbler of whiskey added a nice touch to the image of the ascending drug emperor.

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“It’s like you’re eating a scab,” says Jesse of microwaved lasagna cheese, as he tries to liven up the atmosphere of the worst dinner in existence. The scene was both hilarious and tense, and all so Walt could show Jesse how desperate he is to keep his business afloat.

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I guess Grumpy Mike was pressed for time when he restrained Walt, but he should know better than to think he could hold him down for long. Walt pulls off yet another inventive, ballsy move to reverse his complete helplessness into a superior bargaining position. We would have just broken our eyeglasses and used a piece of the lens to saw through the tie-wrap, but then we’re not drug empire masterminds.

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