Breaking Bad S05
Breaking Bad S05E03: “Hazard Pay”

Not a bad episode in the context of the overall season arc, but a bit on the slow side. It does set up a few interesting elements such as Skyler's breakdown, and there's a clear hint of tension with Mike, but with so few episodes left, we're hoping things get crazy fast.


Walt and Jesse get cooking with the cockroaches.

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[do action=”moment” dir=”Neutral” rating=”FF” emo=”Quotable” title=”He thinks he’s in control. Cute.”/]

“He handles the business. And I handle him.” –Walt, thinking he can somehow control Grumpy Mike. Hehe, good luck with that, Mr. Drug Empire CEO. Whatever keeps your ego inflated…

[do action=”moment” dir=”Up” rating=”Play” emo=”Fun” title=”The Four Amigos go house hunting”/]

Saul, Walt, Jesse and Mike go looking for a new place to set up. It’s so much fun seeing Saul trying to find them a good spot. It’s really too bad the tortilla place didn’t work out; you can tell Jesse wouldn’t mind the perks.

[do action=”moment” dir=”Down” rating=”FF” emo=”Geeky” title=”Cooking with the cockroaches”/]

A Zen cooking session with Walt and Jesse, and The Peddlers on the soundtrack. And look, cool-looking chemical reactions! I wish Chemistry 503 had looked this good in high school. Oh, and cooking in someone else’s home? There’s no way they’re not getting busted for this one.

[do action=”moment” dir=”Up” rating=”Play” emo=”Annoying” title=”SHUT UP!!”/]

Thank you, Skyler, for finally putting into words how we’ve been feeling about Marie for the last four years. Seriously, SHUT UP!!!

[do action=”moment” dir=”Down” rating=”FF” emo=”Creepy” title=”Fatherly advice from the Kingpin”/]

Walt takes a moment with Jesse to go all fatherly on him. At least he’s showing genuine care for Je–nope, nevermind, he’s just manipulating him. Keep in mind Walt’s the kind of dad who sits down with his infant daughter to watch Scarface.

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