Breaking Bad S05
Breaking Bad S05E01: “Live Free or Die”

A great season opener that teases at Walt becoming a crime boss, and Hank finally picking up the Heisenberg trail. We can already tell the final season is going to be epic.


Walt, Jesse, and Mike play with electromagnets.

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We used to think the only thing setting apart Walter and Hal (Malcolm in the Middle) was the hair. We stand corrected. Walt looks like a pissed off hobo with that haircut.

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We’re so excited to have Walt, Jesse, and Mike team up this season. Grumpy Mike is awesome, too. “You know how they say ‘It’s been a pleasure?’ It hasn’t.”

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Mike shows his age by somehow thinking he just wiped his phone clean by breaking it in half with his hands, continuing the series in-joke that data is stored somewhere under the datapad. Meanwhile, Jesse seems to be the only one who knows what happens when you stick a magnet to a hard drive.

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We like Skyler in the role of reluctant bad guy. She should take lessons from her husband, because he’s getting really good at this.

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Walt unwittingly tips the truck when he cranks up the electromagnet. Meanwhile, inside the evidence room, things go all X-Files on the night shift cop. This is the kind of stuff that makes this series so memorable.

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Oh, sure, Walt. Go ahead and forgive Skyler for the ONE screw-up she did in the last five years. Someone’s starting to like power, it seems…

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